Hello my lovely readers!

I want to do some new things with this blog in 2018! I have a few “Themed days” I’ll be adding to hopefully put more content into this blog. I may add or remove theme days depending on what readers think. Please keep following and share if you see something you like! All comments and concerns are welcome! Everything you say is important so say it!

New Schedule:

Monday – Memory Monday (#MemoryMonday) : This is going to be short memoirs and pieces of my memoir that I want to share with you. Silly, sad, and happy stories of my life.

Tuesday – Prompt Day (#PromptTuesday): This day I will write from a prompt I find somewhere in the universe and post it here for your reading pleasure!

Friday – Friday Reads (#FridayReads) : This day is going to be book reviews of things I’m currently reading or have read. Just my personal opinion and input there for your to consider.